Something keeps you up at night?

Something keeps you up at night?

Your users, your employees and you partners might already have the answer. Start an Idea Challenge to find out.
Easy, intuitive way to generate winning innovation

Easy, intuitive way to generate winning innovation

In the next five minutes your Innovation challenge will be up and running. The ideas can flow in in the next day.
Best ideas will surface in no time.

Best ideas will surface in no time.

Let the wisdom of the crowd vote on the winning ideas. And let your participants comment, add, tag and "follow" the ideas.

Launch an Innovation Challenge in the next five minutes.

Start solving that wicked problem, and engage your employees, customers and suppliers on the next round of innovation. simple tools helps you create and run Innovation Challenges, and focus your participants on solving the wicked problems your organization encounters. ( taps into the collective minds of your Team and your External partners, via a focused, Challenge driven innovation.

The best way we’ve seen this implemented is via a periodic process, led via the Executive Team, or the Lead Team of a business line:

  1. Every six month, the business line LT selects a theme for the Challenge. It can be related to productivity of employees, or opening a new channel, or looking for a new product SKU.
  2. The Idea Challenge is formulated in a “How might we…” wording, and the Executive Sponsor sends the challenge description, and the link to Challenge. The link is secure, and only users with a certain  e-mail domain can see the challenge (for example
  3. Participants login at and enter their ideas, add comments on existing ideas. The Challenge ideas are fully encrypted, and can be seen only by the invited Challenge participants.
  4. A designated group of experts rank the ideas. This can be the Lead team, or a group of experts with technical expertise in the area of Challenge. Also, the platform allows that all participants can rank the ideas.
  5. The Idea Challenge is closed, participants receive a “Thank you” letter from the sponsors.

Powerful technology, simple to use: By incorporating powerful algorithms, tagging, recognition and engagement, we allow all participants to enter the challenge, follow others, submit and rank ideas.

Innovation Challenge  provides a new paradigm for connecting your employees  for innovation and insight discovery. Using the power of social media technology and the power of individual innovation, our platform  allows you to tap into the collective intelligence of an organization and transform it into actionable, focused innovation.  Truly 1+1+1 equals 10.

Cost Effective: Our service is ready to use – no need to develop your own software.  Create and launch an Idea Challenge in minutes. Launch a Challenge, and collect the ideas for 30 days, for $500. Or for 90 days for $1,000.  Each winning idea can be worth tens of thousands of dollars of increase revenue, or cost savings. Why not start NOW?

How to start an Innovation Challenge in Five Easy Steps – see SlideShare presentation – link below

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