Private Challenges are designed for a Company or Business Line Challenge, or an Association or Event. Only users with a certain e-mail domain address can contribute. Login is via the company email ID.

A normal user will not see these private challenges.

These are different than the Public Challenges, where any user can contribute ideas, tag, add comments.  Typical use: Large groups: A Community Challenge, a Social Challenge. Typically log on via the facebook ID

For your convenience, a sample invite to a private challenge below:


Team –

Our Event mobile app, and our survey mobile app have gotten rave reviews from our enterprise customers. Our challenge is now to find the next mobile app, to continue our series…looking for your ideas.

The best idea will be rewarded with an IPad 3, so please make sure that you give your best idea. We’ve partnered with, a platform that will help us with the idea submission, the comments on the ideas, and the ranking of the idea.

What is the next mobile app that we should design, develop and launch?

Please go to, create a user ID using your work e-mail (, and enter your best idea.

George Burns

Director, Business Development


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